October 7, 2017

OZO Camera

The original award-winning design OZO camera with OZO Creator is the industry-leading solution used by the world’s best VR creators.

Eight lenses, global shutter, and 195° field of vision capture 4k per eye stereoscopic 360° images. With new advanced image signal processing through OZO Creator, OZO+ provides a generation leap in image quality.

Eight on-board microphones capture full spatial audio from every direction, mapped to headset orientation. Output to multiple formats, including OZO Audio, to feel the difference sound makes.

With a single integrated 500gb memory cartridge and battery, you’ll be set up for hassle-free shooting in minutes and time-saving transfers and swaps.

Directors have unsurpassed control through Windows, Mac, or mobile to get settings and shots right in one take. And real-time monitoring in a VR headset is a game changer.

Published by: corey in News