October 12, 2017

Dancers of the World

VideoMtl is proud to collaborate with Bassil Silim-Jones, director at Zone3 VR, and his team on this spectacular 3D VR project. Technical prescriptions have been challenging for our team, but the result is amazing.

This 360 3D Video is a teaser giving you a unique immersive perspective on Brazilian Samba. You will be able to experience Samba dancers' artistic expressions and will be placed alongside the performers while they unravel the spirit of Samba, revealing a distinctive element of Brazilian culture.

This teaser is an introduction to Dancers of the World - The immersive Exhibition, which will be premiering in Fall 2018 and begin touring in museums worldwide in 2019.


Word from the director :

« Dancers of the World is an immersive traveling exhibition that explores movement, music, and dance as essential languages of human expression. Augmented with highly engaging virtual reality (VR) experiences, participants are transported through generations of cultural expressions from across the globe, with the goal to transcend limitations of how humans can, collectively, learn about their world.

At the heart of the project is providing exposure to different cultures' nurturing of dance as a timeless language of movement, creativity, unity, and feeling, while simultaneously crossing an educational bridge to contemporary culture. »

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